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Independent Insurance Agencies vs Captive Insurance Agencies

If a person was born around the 1920’s in the Unites States they would know basically only one car that was widely available to purchase, the Ford Model T. In fact, from 1913 until 1927 there were over 15 million sold in the United States when the car was a relatively new invention. Now if […]

Fixed Indexed Universal Life – Your Key to a Permanent Estate

Wall Street doesn’t like a sure-thing. In fact, anything that is an investor’s best friend is Wall Street’s worst nightmare. Is there such a thing that allows the average investor to capture as much of the markets’ gains as possible without downside market risk? The answer is Fixed-Indexing, and when it comes to permanent life […]

Best Way to Beat Insurance Companies at their Own Game

The best way to beat insurance companies at their own game, get your money back with ROP products! Your money looks better in your pocket than it does in the pockets of an insurance company. The purpose of insurance is to cover one’s exposure to risk, to protect against the unknown. It’s a responsible thing […]