About Millenium Insurance Group

A proud Pacific Northwest company…

Millennium Insurance Group is a company fueled by three generations of dedication to a moral and ethical standard unmatched in the industry. With this time in service our sense of responsibility has grown to embrace the responsibility and to simplify our goals which is to make honor and integrity the backbone of our organization. We are not driven by greed but a sense of obligation to seek the best products and services that suit your needs. We are committed to bringing out the best the industry has to offer and at the same time implement the changes necessary to remain innovative and flexible in who we represent as products change and evolve.

Millennium Insurance Group seeks to become a leader in the industry. Our honest and widespread goals are not driven by monetary concerns and therefore we know we are in the best position to stand up for the consumer and what’s in their best interest. Our goal is to make MIG become the most reliable portal to any and all lines of insurance. Our employees will be seen as honest brokers and will be sought after for their commitment to ensure your needs are always put first above their own. As a leader in the industry, MIG expects the best from its employees as members of a family tradition of doing things the right way.

Millennium Insurance Group is only as good as its clients. Your take the people out of any insurance company and you have an empty building. Consumers have power with who they chose to trust and where do they do business for their personal and business needs. MIG recognizes this and places emphasis on these relationships rather than those that might lead to monetary gains. Our goal is client-driven, not money-driven. We know that by making your life better makes us remain in the position to expect everyone should be doing business with us rather than our competitors. Our only competitor is our self. We are our own competition as we remain flexible with who we represent and for what reasons. MIG has all of your life and disability insurance needs in one place and we work for you, the consumer not any one insurance company.